Fresh Graduates face difficulties to find the jobs under Covid 19

The Covid-19 emergency implies a colossal downturn in monetary movement. A couple of parts are developing, as individuals utilize more innovation and trade to greater market place, yet most associations of every kind imaginable are enduring a monstrous shot.

Searching for work after graduation is sufficiently overwhelming, however scanning for one in the midst of a continuous pandemic during which 22 million Americans have applied for joblessness benefits is a remote area for graduates and senior employees the same.

With the coronavirus terminations proceeding to fix spending plans all around, an ever increasing number of organizations are declaring recruiting freezes, dropping summer temporary jobs and pushing back beginning dates. More regrettable, numerous organizations, despite everything changing in accordance with their new remote real factors, simply aren’t organizing recruiting now.

Financial and Social Research Council affirmed that the “class of 81” “kept on feeling the effect of the profound downturn that concurred with their entrance into the work showcase”. Later work on the 2008-09 downturn found an “emergency accomplice” who “kept on confronting higher joblessness, lower pay and more regrettable occupation prospects as long as after 10 years, analyzed [with] other youngsters entering work previously or after the downturn”. The impact isn’t simply on work advertise status. There are thump on impacts, for instance on emotional well-being. It has been known since in any event the Great Depression of the 1930s that joblessness brings a family unit different difficulties past monetary issues.

Numerous individuals expect that understudy numbers will fall in light of the present issues, however downturns will in general imply that individuals need more instruction in light of the fact that the options underemployment or joblessness are more regrettable, and having more aptitudes can ensure you against the monetary chill winds. So while worldwide understudy numbers might be pointedly down, a more noteworthy extent of local school-leavers than any time in recent memory may attempt to take a crack at advanced education. Here, as in South Asian nations, there are less 18-year-olds than there have been for a long time, so anybody prone to profit will discover a spot.

What Happen in South Asia

When analyse the South Asian market, most of the graduates exclude MBBS graduates face huge difficulties to start their career. The main reason is huge job deficit in domestic market. They cannot get any employment opportunities from reputed companies due to cease their recruitment and hiring process. Other dangerous situation is small and medium companies have not any vacancies for the graduates. They limit their job tasks, duties and operations due to Covid situation. They also limit their workforce and fire some amount of staff without pay any monetary funds and salaries.

Before Covid 19, Sri Lankan government decided to enroll 45000 graduates into public sector as development officers but this programme but it was not success due to Covid situation and these selected graduates face huge trouble to find any opportunities and automatically lock down their career. In Bangladesh, huge number of Management and Social Science graduates face massive trouble to start their career path. Graduates of India, Pakistan and Maldives face same trouble.

Nepal and Bhutan highly depend on agricultural economy and most of graduates engage agricultural works in pandemic situation but they are suffering with under employment situation. In Sri Lanka before Covid situation most of the graduate face under employment situation but after Covid, existing opportunities were lost due to job crisis.


In this pandemic situation, most of fresh graduates search some freelancing works to earn some income. In addition to that, selling some essential items for the households. Most of the graduates can involve in social media and digital platforms to earn money for their daily activities. Under this situation has no any sustainable solution for the fresh graduates to build their career and have temporary options to earn money and daily income.

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Nilshan Perera

Lecturer and Researcher

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